A Tons of Reasons to Tell

5/30/2011 12:40:00 PM

    Lately,I've been so lazy to update my blog for no concrete reason. BOOO! Ok, i've finished my study in Diploma in Computer Science. Yes i'm part of computer science students and nothing to be proud of. And there's nothing to do with my beauty obsession. LOL! 

    Ok, i've wasting about one and a half month duduk rumah masak basuh baju cat rumah main semen pasang tembok for the engagement. Working so hard lah konon. I'm searching for job vacancy. My friend ask me to work at KL and guess what? My mom gives a vivid GREEN light. Ahahh! But,nanti dulu. I have to think jobs that will suit me because you know. (takut ada adengan tarik menarik rambut dengan bos!) Tettttt!

  Anyways,I've decided to change my blog interest. I want to change it into a complete beauty blog and stuffs. Including everyday outfit,full FOTD,MOTD, Product of the day and a lot more. Its one of my vision to make my blog interesting instead of just filming a video a day. But I've to wait until I got my new camerita. Till then, XOXO.

P/s: I got new Facebook page under my youtube name SuperXOXOstar,I will update a lot more about makeup and beauty related and if you have a good or holy grail products,let me know. Post it on my wall. I love to try new thing. ;D



New Video!!!!

5/29/2011 03:52:00 PM

Not 1 but double!!!!!

Will be filming my monthly favorites video soon!!!
And I already have Facebook page to kinda share about beauty related and stuff. Feel free to hit it here!


I'm back

5/21/2011 10:12:00 PM

    I haven't update for a pretty long time because I was and I will be out of town. So less update less annoyed to me. LOL. I have uploaded my April Favorites on my beauty channel. Please check it out. With love.

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