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6/23/2011 07:16:00 PM

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6/23/2011 12:11:00 AM

  Alright I'm a huge fan of handsome boys. LOL. Oh yes I am. One of my 'boyfriend' is Ryan Reynolds. He's from my all time favoritas comedy romantika film 'The Proposal'. And he is/was also in commercial ads Hugo Boss. Ohhh yeah. Extra marks for him. Ok tadi pergi tengok movie baru die,The Green Lantern semata sebab ade ide je pun. Haha. So this is going to be a REVIEW la konon for the movie. 

Why do you need to watch Green Lantern?

  • Its Ryan Reynolds guys. Gila tak minat?
  • OMG!! Its al so Blake Lively a.k.a Serena van der Woodsen. Bezanya,she can drive a F35 (Ecehh iye lah) jet. And she is not wearing Louboutin in this movie. Or I'm not alert? My bad.
  • First hero yang motif-jadi-hero-bukan-setakat-nak-buat-muka-serius-habis (kelakar lah) and the power is his own imagination! Cara gile.
  • Its simply uhh cannot describe. Watch it!!! Seriously sangat best. Even my aunty who doesn't really in english movie pun puji cerita ni.
  • Stars? 5.5555/5 stars!!!

  • Alien dengan villain muka macam haram. Takde la ngeri sangat tapi selekeh. 
  • Oh plot die lebih kurang macam Harry Potter dengan Voldemort. The alien sucks up your fear.
  • Bunyi dengan graphic tak synchronize la. (Pengaruh subject multimedia lah ni terus jadi sensitive.)

Eheee. So tengok lah kalau nak tengok. And BTW,my aunty cakap muka Ryan Reynolds macam Hrithik Roshan sikit-sikit. Ok dah.

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