7/28/2011 07:57:00 PM

  Hi everyone, I try to update everyday but then I think it is not a good idea because I'll be running out of town during Ramadan. So I decided to share THIS amazing product with you guys. 

    I'm not sure if you have heard about it before but this little THINGY is HUGEEEEEEEEEE in beauty industry. So let me introduce it to you guys, this amazing SIGMA BRUSHES!!!!! ;D

    I'm going to share with you guys some of the amazing brushes that really caught my eyes!!!

1. The Sigma Make Me Up Collection. $99

It comes in 4 Super Cute color which is the Make me Blush [pink], Make Me Classy [black],
Make Me Cool [teal/turquoise] and Make me Crazy [purple]. 

Its super cute and the casing can be unfolded so that you can easily store all of your brushes in it. And it is good for travelling.

Make me Blush [pink]

Make Me Classy [black]

Make Me Cool [teal/turquoise]

Make Me Crazy [purple]

And a lot more. Do check up their amazing website here.

2. Sigma Eyeshadow Pallete

Flare Eyeshadow Pallete $35
Dare Eyeshadow Palette $35
Bare Eyeshadow Palette $35

The brushes are high in quality and they are super compareable to MAC!!! And they also have brushes for VEGAN!! Isn't it amazing??? Go buy now!!! Its super worth the prices!!!!! Afterall,$30 baru RM90 betul? ^^ And they ship WORLDWIDEEE!!!

Click here for 10 % off for the Premium Professional Kit! You will regret if you won't purchase!!!

Hope you guys like this review. Don't forget to check the website.

P/s : Now if you buy more than $30,you will get FREE gift! Yes! FREEEEEEEEEE!!!
What are you waiting for? Go purchase now!!! 
Click here for the amazing gifts!!!!

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  1. omg..kan sis dah nak beli =.= brush ni emmang femes..tp xde kt sini kan?

  2. @fyna SANGAT!!! Tak ada tapi bole guna code Izzati tu then pass dekat dealer (NYC SPREE) yang amik preorder direct from USA. ;)

    @Naddy Kan?? Ape lagi lets order!!! For Raya. ;)

  3. can't stop screaming looking for the pink brush.. how to get it ...??

  4. Me too!!! ^^ You can go buy online on Sigma Makeup website and use my code http://www.sigmabeauty.com/?Click=127097

    Hope it will help.
    With love. ;)

  5. Dear friends! Korg boleh beli trus sediri...lg murah n xde cas berlebihan...tau paypal x? Sy pernah beli berus ni sendiri... Alhamdulillah...smpai... Die tulis shipping konon 1minggu smpai..tau x smpai kat saya bile? Xsmpai 5 hari pn! Haha! Currency paypal pn murah je... Tips beli sigma brush dgn murah - cari code discount...selalunya 10% je dapat... Then choose to add cart... Check out and pilih paypal ( jgn lupa register paypal,xde credit card? Debit card pn boleh! Jnji ada visa or master nye logo tu) then proceed... Nk agak2 berapa ringgit? Budget kn usd tu kali ngan 3.2 cm tu... Oh my..sorry bebel panjang2!

  6. @SabrinaWowww Sabrina you are master of sigma laaa. hehe. Thanks so much for the info yeeee!!!


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