#1 day: My Bath & Body Work's Candles Wishlist

9/08/2011 11:05:00 PM

    Rasa dah lama sangat tak shopping online. Most of my makeup products I bought online. Sebab banyak choices and I am a huge fan of rare items. Bukan tak sokong barangan buatan MALAYSIA tapi rasa ingin mencuba tinggi. Alasan. -_-" I was watching Elle's Bath & Body Works Haul video dan dapat hidayah nak browsing B&BW. So hari ni I'm going to share with you guys my candles wishlist. Ini kira memang dah aim lama dah la. Tunggu peluang je nak sebat. Hoho. Oh kalau korang tak familiar dengan B&BW, sila lah guna your best friend cik Google ye. 

      My first reason why I want this candle is because it was recommended by my all time favorites guru on youtube Glamourista16 or Caitlin. So do I have to say more? Oh yes I do. I loooooooooooveeee cupcake smell because I have one candle where I bought from Ikea and I adore the smell. Tah apa-ape ayat kau.

      This is the smell that I wanting to try like seriously. Dari nama dia je dah rasa curious sangat macam mana la bau die bila kena bakar. Pengaruh Masterchef Australia ni. Ya ampunnnn. 

    Haha. Ini kelakar. I want this candle because of the name lah of course. I love Twilight and vampires. So this is absolutely one of the candles that I neeedddd to try. Actually I'm just curious to smell the woods coz all I have in my mind is the smell must be like cinnamon or something. So sebelum imaginasi menjadi migrain. Baiklah try kan.

    Minty ice cream is one of my favorites because it tastes a little bit choclate-ry and a fresh minty taste which I loooveee. So I need to try the smell because I just watched it on youtube and the cute girl said that it smells uhhhh mazinggggggg. Checked!!!

     Uhhhh nak cakap apa lagi? Its cookies dude? Gila ke ape tak nak?

6. Leaves
    So this not actually my sangat nak candle sebab I don't want it. At all. Macam tak dapat pun tak pe. Serious. But tadi kt video Elle beriye-iye promote dia beli candle tu. So kire post la jugak. Kesian kan. Nak try pun takpe sebab its autumn everyone. Bye bye summer. Oh hello dirty-army-muddy nails. Can't wait to buy. ;)

Pictures credit to cik Google

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                                               Till then Gorges!!
                                                     With love

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