#2 day : My Bath & Body Works Lotions Wishlist

9/09/2011 10:18:00 PM

  This is like a series of my Bath & Body Works Wishlist. So kalau belum baca yang #1 day boleh simply click here. So macam korang tahu Bath & Body Works products are so darn cute!!! The packaging are so attractive and super cute. Applause for the designer and marketing teams. Anywho, senarai di bawah ni random sebab memang tak reti nak pilih dah. I want it all! So feel free to browse the website and pilihla yang mana korang suka. Gerenti rambang mata. ;)

1. Black Raspberry Vanilla
    Lately I'm so in love with any fruit that mixed with vanilla. I believe it going to produce super amazing and sweet scent like my ambi pur spray did. Major applause!!!

2. P.s I love You
   Korang pernah tengok la movie p.s I love You yang sangat sweet and romantic sedih sikit sebab hero mati. But anyways, Thats the only reason. The end. ;)

3. Paris Amour
    Ohmai ohmai ohmai. Look at the packaging. Its Paris everyone. Hope it smells incredibly amazing. 10 stars for the amazing packaging. 

4. Paris Amour Body Spray
   This baby reminds me to the Victoria Secret's Shimmer body Spray. So its a nice to have baby. 10 stars. 

5. Country Chic
    Nice packaging. Reminds me to the spring design. Flowery smell maybe. Its also a nice to have though. 

6. Twilight Woods
    Its Twilight everyone!!! Hello Edward Cullen please. 

              Kalau nak tahu lebih banyak go to the website. 
                                           With love
                     Next series,spontan jela kot. Heeeee~~~

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