Shah Alam Meetup

9/17/2011 10:47:00 PM

     I went to meet my friends Nora and Jue in Shah Alam and we end up shopping. No word. Let the pictures talk. Enjoy. ;)

                                              Oh I never on diet nor exercise. I eat whatever I want. 

                  Went to Inglot for the first time. This girl was so nice. I look weird a little bit. heeee~~

I went to Benefit counter and the girl wanted to do eye makeup for me. Awwww how nice. Gonna spend on Benefit in future. Oh they got new fragrances btw. And the packaging was darnnnnnnn cute!!!!

Last but certainly not least, my favorite place. Forever 21. I ADORE those Bohemians necklaces. You guys know where to find me. With love.
XOXO Izzati

P/s: HAUL videooo!!! Soon. ;)

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