Asians/Malaysians Beauty Tag 2011 ft My Boyfriend ^^

10/07/2011 05:28:00 PM

       I'm on my way uploading my tag video. Keep crossing my fingers since the size is incredibly big and my BB is dying now. Hope it won't disconnect. -_-". And for no reason I cannot put the questions on the description box  and when I try to save it,it keeps saying that my details have bad value. Too bad. So kalau korang interested nak buat, guna blog post pun boleh. Tapi jangan lupa tau leave the link. Seronok jugak nak baca kan? So here we go.

Hi everyone! I'm back with my first tag video. I was so busy for my first semester. And I just took my LAW test yesterday. Indeed. I'm a little bit numb and annoying in this video. This was filmed around 2 weeks ago. I was still recovering from fever that day. Pardona me for being annoying and there was a lot annoying face languages. And yes,english its not my first language. Jk. Hope you guys like it. Will improved in future!!!
Love,Izzati XO

I tag: 

(If you done the video,please post as video response. I would love to watch & hear your answers ;) OR copy the questions and answers in your blog if you don't have YT account or not in the mood to post video. But then leave link to me! I want to read it. ;) )

> You won't leave your house w/o set your foundation/your eye makeup w/o mascara?
> What is your local beauty brands that you adore?
> Your favorite fashion store? Worldwide?
> What is your shoes size? Favorite stores?
> What brand of high-end cosmetics that you hope will available in low price?
> MAC foundation or Revlon Colorstay Foundation?
> If you had a chance to meet/shopping with the Malaysian's beauty gurus (yourlocal beauty gurus) Who will it be?
> Give one drugstore's product that you never have & you will buy in future & always be in you bag/purse?
> What are the things that you like to add in your makeup vanity & makeup storage?
> If you can experiences all 4 seasons,which season will be your favorita?

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P/s : Terelkan kite bab-bab copy paste ni? LOL. This is supposed to be in my description box. Tak pe yang tak berkaitan ignore please. 

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