GIVEAWAY: Help me please.

10/11/2011 05:26:00 PM

       Hi semua so hari ni ada berita gembira yang mana,this blog will be going to host a giveaway. Yeay. Ok and the prizes are so damn awesome you guys. Its going to be products from Sigma Makeup. I bet you are going to love it girls. But,before that I just want to have your help. I need to reach a specific audiences before I can host this amazing giveaway. So its so simple. Let me tell you the prizes first.

1. If I reach 1000 of followers, the prize is F45 Buffer Brush

2. Over 2000 followers i'm going to giving away this amazing cleansing & polishing tool.

3. Over 3000 followers the prize is the awesome eye shadow pallete

4. Over 4000 followers, DAMN I HAVE TO CAPS LOCK THIS,MY FAVORITE MAKE ME UP BRUSH KIT. I bet you are also in love with it! Read my review on this products here.

5. Over 5000 followers, the amazing Premium Professional Brushes. Oh drooling.

So what you have to do is:
1. Just choose the prize, FOLLOW MY BLOG and help me reach the audiences. THAT IS IT. (simple right?)

  You can tell your friends,sedara,kakak,abang atau adik ke lecturer semua. Choose the prize,and help me reach the audiences. I hope you guys will help me. With love. Izzati ;)

Any infromation check on my FB here.

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  1. means blog mana dpt trafik paling tinggi utk blog ni, dpt la prizes tu ke ?

  2. @fiqaliqa no no. You tolong kite reach audiences yang sepatutnye,then kite akan buat giveaway ni and pemenang di pilih mengguna kan

    Cth: Followers dah lebih 1000,kite akan giving away the kabuki brush. kalau 4000,kite akan giving away the make me up brush set. Simple. Just ajak kawan follow je. Then korang boleh menang products ni. Tak ade kt Malaysia tau brand ni. ;)


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