Lets gossip again: Sigma New Products Sneak Peak.

11/17/2011 01:38:00 PM

     Ingat tak masa kite introduced Sigma Brushes kat korang beberapa bulan yang lepas? So now diorang bakal keluar kan products baru yang sangatlah awesome. Korang yang dah buat kad debit Hello Kitty Hong Leong bank tu,hah boleh lah membeli secara online!!!! Kan amazing tu namanya menggunakan teknologi yang ada. -_-" ape kau membebel ni.

   So starting from this Monday or 21/11/2011 to be exact Sigma Beauty will be launching their amazing products and it is still going untill December. Soooo STOP nonsense-ing let the pitchas talking. ;)

1. The Cities Collection. (Launch Date- 21 November 2011)

This is one of their special edition travel kit. they got 7 travel-sized (a little bit small and cute than the normal one) brushes in the kit. Those included the essential and premium best selling brushes. Amazing?? You guys tell me. 
You can choose your own city:
a) London (brown)
b) Tokyo (pink)
c) Paris (red)
d) New York (black)

2. Make Me Up- Travel Edition (Launch Date- 28 November 2011)

This kits were designed for fun and stylish chicks. It really resembles the Make Me Up full size edition. 

Choose your favorite color:
a) Black
b) Aqua
c) Coral
  d) Purple

3. The Bunny Collection (Launch Date- 5 December 2011)
The third one is probably my favorite and I would buy it in future. The best thing is its VEGAN FRIENDLY. So sesuai sangatlah kalau sesiapa yang ragu-ragu degan bulu-bulu berus ni. But don't worry. Most of the Sigma Brushes made up from synthetic fibre. So the pig-pig thing tu memang langsung takde lah ye dalam kamus. And yes the holders are darn cute!!!!! You can choose either one of the colors. ;)

4. The Extravaganza Face Kit (Launch Date- 12 December 2011)

Walla! This babies are so exclusive. It comes with 18k gold-plated ferrules. Gulppp!!!!

5. The Extravaganza Complete Kit (Launch Date- 19 December 2011)

These are the 29 exclusive brushes for those who desires to have a luxurious makeup collection. 
*kalau ada duit lebih ape salahnye. Ohoi. 

So ape tunggu lagi? Check out Sigma Beauty sekarang. Jangan lupa guna kad debit. Kerana lebih selamat dan terjamin masa depan. ^^
Kiss & hug. ;)

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  1. I nk bunny collection tu!!! Nmpak fluffy sgt berus die ngan name die lagi....hehe.... Haha! Yg make me classy pn xdpt beli2 lg...dh ada yg baru.... Haish!

  2. @SabrinaSama lah!!! memang sangat awesome!!! Macam tak sabar je bile die nak launch.


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