My baby Nikon D5100

11/22/2011 11:24:00 PM

I bought this baby as a gift on my pleasant 21th birthday around 3 months ago. And I started to love it! I'm not really a dslr person. But then I was looking for something that is good for photography and video. Dang! 
I chose this baby. So here is some videos that I used my dslr to filming. In case you guy missed it. Don't forget to tell me do you like the quality? Enjoy. 

P/s: I make this entry because I received quit a lot of question from my beautiful viewers about my camera that I used. I'm still in learning process. If you guys know some tips about this baby. Feel free to share with me! 

Kiss & hug. ;)

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  1. okayyy, jealoussssss :( nak jugakkkk camera canggihhhhh huahuaaa T_T

  2. First time watching your video. ^^
    just to tell you, you sound like my aunt.
    She's also half malaysian and half arab. ^^ cool.

  3. @nabeelahHaha. Tons of people told me that. My accent is an issue!! Thanks for passing by. ;)


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