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Review: Silkygirl Moistureshine Lipstick in Baby Rose

10/19/2012 10:00:00 PM

I have a very good relationship with Silkygirl since I was in my high school. I can easily buy the products from Watsons,Guardians or other pharmacies. The price is cheap,the qualities are amazing. How can I resist?
Today I'm going to do some review about Silkygirl new baby. 
The Silkygirl Moistureshine lipstick in 03 Baby Rose.

The overview of the packaging.
I love the cap is perfectly fit with the tube. So that I won't loss it anywhere in my makeup bag. ^^

Isn't it a beautiful color? 

Packanging: I love the black tube compare to the regular silver tube. It gives the lipstick a bit like elegant and yet still has it girly side with pink flowers design.
Pigmentation: I love how it gives a nice baby pink hue to my lips. Suprisingly it looks so nice on my lips. I rarely can pulled off pink lips color. 
The texture is nice I apply it effortlessly and it has slightly sheer formulation.
Price: I'm not really positive about the price but you guys can check out Watsons or Guardians near you.
Overall Product: I'm happy to add this pink lipstick color in my collection and I amazed my pale skin can pulled off this color. ;)
Rating: 4/5 stars
Repurchase: Absolutely. I'm eyeing the nude color. I forgot the name. Sorry for my short term memory. LOL

These 3 pictures were taken on Hari Raya Aidilfitri. I was wearing that lipstick and look at the color. It looks like I'm wearing lipgloss right? I swear i'm not. ;)

I put a little bit on Alya lips coz she looks pale on picture.

Wallaaa. Both of us had same lip colors. 
Kiss & hug. ;)

P/s: Tell me what product you me to review. <3


My first casting experience: Hijabista di Karangkraf

10/14/2012 02:02:00 PM

 Assalamualaikum. Hi semua. Selamat berhujung minggu. Long time no post. ^^ I was actually too lazy to update my blog. Sigh. Ok anyways, I just want to share my first experience ever in my entire life. I was so lucky to be able to casting for Hijabista magazine at Karangkraf last week. So my classmates and my housemate was so kind nak teman and tumpangkan sampai Karangkraf. 
I was so shocked I jumpa ramai bloggers yang famous but ada yang certain yang I tak kenal sangat. Yang masuk audition sekali dengan I was Aimi Syahirah. I met Anis jugak. ;)

Aztec print shawl (local store)
Red blouse from ZARA
Navy Blue pants from MANGO
Rose Gold Bangles from FOREVER21
Shoes from VINCCI

SimplySiti HD BB Cream (I LOVE IT!!!!!! Review soon)
IN2IT Blusher
Eye makeup: Urban Decay NAKED palette and Rimmel Sexy Curve Mascara
Lips: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar in Grandma

Budak berdua ni dengan yang snap gambar ni je yang tak ada number tapi duduk dalam bilik menunggu ni. Tak malu. Oh angka giliran I no 68. Fuhh.
Afwa met roomate dia dulu. CANTIK gila kan? Dari last sem memang kagum tengok dia. PERFECT!!

Semua Hijabista stars sedang tunggu giliran. Nervous. 

That is me. Before the interview. The judges were nice. So tak de lah kekok sangat. They said that I'm more to hostage. I guess I have to thank to my 2 year experiences making beauty video on Youtube. ^^
So korang pernah pergi casting? Let's share.
Feel free to visit my other blog:
Kiss & hug. ;)


Where have I been?

10/07/2012 12:45:00 PM

Hi everyone!! Let's start with some foodporn. LOL

Siakap 3 rasa

Kerabu mangga

Sotong goreng tepung is my absolutely favoritaaaa.

Meet Tika my classmate/soulmate for the past 4 years. 

Meet Jue my close friend since I was in my Diploma study. Look at her lashes. I envy her much. She bought Maybelline Lash Stiletto. I'm gonna grab one FAST!!!

Two favorite girlfriends of mine. Nora was soooo busy with the apple juice. And Anne my if-you-sad-i'll-be-a-good-listener friend!! 
Oh for those yang dapat kad Diskaun Siswa 1 Malaysia, website tu Anne lah yang developed! 
Yup,She's my hardcore programmer girlfriend. 
Isn't she Uhhh-mazinggg???

Jue and Tika had some serious programming discussion.
We used to be computer science students remember?

I'm just busy with foods and watermelon. Just can't stop ^^

Ma plate. Told yaaaa.

Look at first pic and this pic. haha. 

Guess who???

Tarampampammm. Its nora in the house yawww.

Tweeting session. Borrowed Nora's phone since my smartphone kena hantar balik kilang sebab pecah. Tsk. Tsk.


I look fat in white. LOL. 

Best night ever!!!!
How was your Saturday?
Kiss & hug. ;)


Review: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti

9/05/2012 10:41:00 AM

Hey everyone, no one can stop my obsession over lip products. Ever since I got my first lip butter in 'Strawberry Shortcake' I just can't stop to buy more. Mainly because the Strawberry Shortcake doesn't impressed me at all I mean not 'at all' but in certain ways,I wasn't my favorite. 
But I was sooo lucky my Guardians (place where we buy drugstore product LOL) bring 4 more lip butters. I'm screwed! So I picked up a unique orange color called Tutti Frutti.

Packaging: I love orange cap! Enuff said.

The reason why I picked up this Tutti Frutti because I heard a lot of bloggers raving about it and I'm frustrated it wasn't available in Malaysia. So when I saw it I picked it up quickly without any hesitation!! lol. 
If you think you like Strawberry Shortcake, I swear to you that you are going to love this one better. The pigmentation is wayy amazing than the Strawberry Shortcake. I way more creamier. Urghh. Can't describe. 

Here is the closed up.
Packaging: Nice colour to add in my collection. (4/5 stars)
Pigmentation: It so pigmented and creamy. I always forgot its a lip butter (4.5/5 stars)
Price: RM25 (I got it for RM21.80 on hari raya sale! Yippiee! )
Product overall: I love this product so much. Ahh I litterally obsessed with it. It looks good on fair/pale skin and also it is buildable on tanned (sawo matang) skin. 

(Swatches I will post on my Instagram : @IzzatiXO)

P/s: I have more on my wish list Frosting Sugar, Cherry Tart and Sweet Tart. I was overwhelmed by this product when I write this entry. Indeed! ;)

Kiss & hug. ;)

lip pot

Review - SILKYGIRL Juicy Fruity Lip Pot Refreshing Watermelon

9/02/2012 01:34:00 PM

  Hi everyone. I'm beyond excited for this entry because it has been a while since my previous makeup review. This time I found an amazing product to share with you guys. Silkygirl has came up with tons of amazing products lately that really make me drooling. One of the products is Juicy Fruity Lip Pot in Refreshing Watermelon.

This kind of lip pot packaging is an amazing idea I must say. 
Packaging: It looks super cute and small enough to fit in my makeup bag (3.5/5 stars)
(but the thing that you have to deal with this type of lip thingy is make sure that you finger is clean before you dip your finger into the pot. Bring hand sanitizer in your makeup bag. Problem solved! ^^ )

Product Overall: I love the fact that this lip pot doesn't feel sticky on my lips. It is surprisingly moisturise my lips for over 2 hours. (4/5 stars)

Pigmentation: It is soooo pigmented on pale lips. I love it. ^^

Price: I honestly don't know the actual price of this product but the last time I saw this product in Guardians  it was RM8.98 (Note that they have special discount at that time.)
So you can search in Watsons and Guardians for the price and availability.

Without flash.

I did a tutorial using this product on my beauty channel. Feel free to watch it. ^^

 P/s: I would definitely buy more in future because they are just sooo darn-cute. I saw the cupcake pot and I can't wait to try it. 
Kiss & hug. ;)


My Favorite Lips Products July 2012

7/18/2012 11:42:00 AM

Finally. It's up!
Products mentioned:
~ Etude House Milk Screw Lipbalm
~Revlon Lipbutter in Strawberry Shortcake
~ Essence Lipstains in Let me in Rose and Your pink is on fire
~ Avon Moisture Rich in Coral Fantasy
~ Essence Lipglosses in Light candy and candy bar
~ Essence Lipstick in all about cupcake

Kiss & hug. ;)


Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Totally Toffe

7/11/2012 01:57:00 PM

Hi semua. Macam yang korang semua tahu I just finished my final examination. Alhamdulillah. So hari ni I want to do a review about this amazing product from Maybelline. 

I'm a huge fan of lipsticks. No kidding. Selalunye my favorite from Rimmel, Silkygirl and Mac. Jarang-jarang sangat jenguk kaunter Maybelline sebab kaunter dia jarang update samalah Loreal. But now, Maybelline dah keluar kan produk yang boleh tahan ok lah. Ada 2 yang menarik perhatian. First lipstick ni and second The Falsies Mascara.

I must say that Maybelline jarang dapat impressed me dengan produk die kecuali maskara dia je. Dia punya Watershine lipstick pun tak pernah try sebab. Urmm I don't know (I'm quit picky as you can see!).

So a couple of weeks ago I bought this lipstick just nak try je sebab kat Youtube ramai yang hype pasal produk ni. I took me a year untuk beli lipstick ni sebab I remember dia released last year on hari raya. #pickyissue

So macam biasa I got a neutral kind of nude color because its sooo ME!  I love nude lipstick. I got it in Totally Toffe. Before I explain anything lets have some #picturesporn on this lipstick. 
* Sorry for the bad ligthing my camera tak nak picked up color even dah on flash. 

Ok now let's talk about the packaging first. I must say that I love the packaging so much and I'm impressed on how Maybelline put their efforts to this packaging compared to their Maybelline Watershine lipstick. (I must say marketing strategy is very important!!)

It looks super sleek and give some sort of elegant feeling to it. ;)
I just realised that different colours have different colour of caps.

The name itself is quit cute though! Mine is in 215 Totally Toffe. Indeed!

Ok sorry for the bad lighting the color is not in peach like the above picture. It is actually a nice soft beige with some mauve colour which is almost look like my original lips color. Very nice. 

The pigmentation is 5 stars I must say. I love it better than my MAC Cherish lipstick.
It is so creamy and glide nicely on my lips.

The price is quite expensive for a tube of lipstick. RM29.90. BUTTTTTT!!!! I got it for only RM23 something. Why? Watsons ada sale on this lipstick sekarang so the price reduced to RM26 something. 

And I used Watsons coupon system (coupon ada dekat dengan cashier atau pun korang dapat automatically bila jadi members) and they got RM3 off for this lips line. Yeay!
(Love this coupon system. Buat lagi banyak-banyak)

I wore it yesterday for my presentation. Sorry camera quality. -__-""""

 I'm just obsessed with this lipstick and I can not wait to buy more color from this line. I have some in my wishlist. Harap-harap boleh dapat on Hari Raya promotion.
If you haven't try this, go ty it!! You gonna love it like I do!

Packaging: 4.5/5
Pigmentation: 5 + very the creamy.
Price: 4/5 (not bad coz it is comparable to MAC lipstick)
Repurchase: ABSOLUTELY!!!

* All of the pictures above (unless stated) are copyrighted by and it can only be used by a strict permission and credit to the owner. Its solely belongs to the blogger and the owner of this blog and the channel. 

Kiss & hug. ;)


Sigma new free gift!

7/11/2012 12:43:00 PM

Get new Sigma free gift when you purchase over $30 from their website!
The mini palette features one color from each of our best selling eye shadow palettes, BareDare and Flare.

What to try?
Try their new limited edition palette called Paris Palette.
Awesome right?
Kiss & hug. ;)


Pictures of my previous tutorial

7/11/2012 01:07:00 AM

Hi semua. Baru je habis final. Rasa legaaaaaa. So ni pictures of my previous tutorial using Naked palette dari Urban Decay. Hard disk rosak hari tu so jumpa gambar ni dekat backup. Very natural. Enjoishhh.


* All of the pictures above (unless stated) are copyrighted by and it can only be used by a strict permission and credit to the owner. Its solely belongs to the blogger and the owner of this blog and the channel. 

P/s: Tak sabar nak update review banyak2 cuti ni. Gambar dah bersusun. Tinggal buat post je. 

Kiss & hug. ;)

Extra ps: Siapa yang tinggal area pantai timur (Kuantan,pahang) nak try my makeup service. Let me know.

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