New HAUL video feat Zara, Sephora,Forever21 Mango and etc.

5/18/2012 02:53:00 PM

 Hi semua. I'm back with another haul video. Last week, me and the girlfriends went to KLCC and Pavilion to having some sort of cuci mata cuci purse. I got quite a lot of stuffs (it is not easy for me to buy new clothes. Quite picky. yuckks) and the best thing I got the Naked Palette. Yeahhh. I'm lame. I've been eyeing this palette forever!! Before you ask how can I afford to buy that palette, I was actually saving from last year. I got a cute bottle tabung. 20 sen pun berharga tau! So start savinggggg!!! 
Ok dah stop membebel. Go watch it!!

 P/s: My friend Nora got uhmazinnnnggggg makeup set worth RM1000++. Go to her blog. Find out what the products are. I'm sure she will blog but it. At least after she reads this post.
Kiss & hug. ;)

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  1. alah dah saving macam jaja buat but end up use all the savings. erm kena saving balik nie heuheu.

  2. That Naked palette is a no regret guarantee purchase! really! I love mine!


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