Pictures of my previous tutorial

7/11/2012 01:07:00 AM

Hi semua. Baru je habis final. Rasa legaaaaaa. So ni pictures of my previous tutorial using Naked palette dari Urban Decay. Hard disk rosak hari tu so jumpa gambar ni dekat backup. Very natural. Enjoishhh.


* All of the pictures above (unless stated) are copyrighted by and it can only be used by a strict permission and credit to the owner. Its solely belongs to the blogger and the owner of this blog and the channel. 

P/s: Tak sabar nak update review banyak2 cuti ni. Gambar dah bersusun. Tinggal buat post je. 

Kiss & hug. ;)

Extra ps: Siapa yang tinggal area pantai timur (Kuantan,pahang) nak try my makeup service. Let me know.

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