Review - SILKYGIRL Juicy Fruity Lip Pot Refreshing Watermelon

9/02/2012 01:34:00 PM

  Hi everyone. I'm beyond excited for this entry because it has been a while since my previous makeup review. This time I found an amazing product to share with you guys. Silkygirl has came up with tons of amazing products lately that really make me drooling. One of the products is Juicy Fruity Lip Pot in Refreshing Watermelon.

This kind of lip pot packaging is an amazing idea I must say. 
Packaging: It looks super cute and small enough to fit in my makeup bag (3.5/5 stars)
(but the thing that you have to deal with this type of lip thingy is make sure that you finger is clean before you dip your finger into the pot. Bring hand sanitizer in your makeup bag. Problem solved! ^^ )

Product Overall: I love the fact that this lip pot doesn't feel sticky on my lips. It is surprisingly moisturise my lips for over 2 hours. (4/5 stars)

Pigmentation: It is soooo pigmented on pale lips. I love it. ^^

Price: I honestly don't know the actual price of this product but the last time I saw this product in Guardians  it was RM8.98 (Note that they have special discount at that time.)
So you can search in Watsons and Guardians for the price and availability.

Without flash.

I did a tutorial using this product on my beauty channel. Feel free to watch it. ^^

 P/s: I would definitely buy more in future because they are just sooo darn-cute. I saw the cupcake pot and I can't wait to try it. 
Kiss & hug. ;)

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