HOW TO: A Smart Makeup Junkie

3/02/2013 10:30:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hello ladies!
I am so motivated this evening to share some amazing trick for those who are addicted to makeup.
Well I am not trying to do a tutorial or anything related instead I'm trying to share on how you can be a SMART beauty junkie. Don't get it? I'm going to show you how.. ;)

As a beauty vlogger on Youtube and beauty blogger new products always make me feel excited. Especially high end products. Well compared to The States all of the products that are originated from The States can be incredibly expensive here in Malaysia. That price thingy can seriously give me some heart attack. 

So here I'm going to show you how you can be a SMART buyer. 

I was eye-ing to get the NAKED 2 PALETTE from Urban Decay since like forever. I'm actually own the original NAKED PALETTE. But as I told you before the price is pretty expensive here. I'm not really positive how much exactly the price of the Naked 2 palette but i'm pretty sure it is more than RM170 which is insane for a student like me.

So how to solve my problem? 

1. Google is your best friend!
Before you want to buy something that is insanely expensive always Google and find the reviews/swatches. How many of them satisfy with the product? How the product looks good on their/your skin? Is it worth the money to buy? And anything that related. You need to have MANY questions for the price that you have to PAY!

2. Find DUPE for the product!
What is dupe? In beauty community,dupe is actually other alternative on a certain high end product. Which mean, the cheap product that 80-90% comparable to the expensive ones. 
I'm so happy that finally I found the dupe for the Naked 2 palette. How do I found out? Back to the rule #1. I always Google something that I don't know. So I found this one blog who blogged about this amazing palette from MUA Cosmetics call the Undress me too Palette. I read the reviews,the swatches and it was bloody yes the same with the Naked 2 palette.

3. Compare the price!
This is the crucial part. The price comparison. The UD Naked 2 palette itself cost more than RM170 which I said before it is seem not affordable for me after I invested for the  UD Original Naked Palette. Enough is enough.    The Undress me too palette could cost me not even half of the UD Naked 2 palette! It is RM30 + postage RM3! Isn't it amazing??

4. Where you can buy those babies?
Yes I know you guys would probably wondering where can you get those palette. The UD Naked 2 palette is available in Sephora. Even if you are afford to buy the palette if you are living in out of KL how can you have this palette? (I know you can buy online. Rule # 1 right? But you can't deny the price is still expensive.) Hmm.
The MUA Cosmetics does not available in Malaysia but hey back to Rule #1. Go find some lowyat forum or search on your facebook or online shop that sells this brand. I found one I thought it would be amazing to share with you guys. 

Allure Dazzling:

and there are plenty more. Google yourself!! ;)

CONCLUSION: Isn't it amazing that you can find something that is pretty similar with a huge price difference? Well for me it is something that I'm looking forward too. I mean I love high end makeup forsure. But if it something that I can not afford I can only just dream about it. Thanks to the DUPE! Its affordable and looks almost the same. I'm not picky about the brand as long as the products/cosmetics/brands have good quality, affordable prices they can seriously buy me. ;)

(All of the pictures credit to Google)

Thanks for reading and I hope this post helps us to be a SMART beauty junkie!
Kiss & hug. ;)

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  1. wow!! never thought of that... thanks for sharing!! im getting super duper excited right now :D

    1. Me too! This is my absolutely favorite post! I hope it can help you find better choices! ;)

  2. Nice post! saya dah try MUA product sejak awal tahun lalu. kualiti sangat bagus setanding jenama yg mahal. :)


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