The Butterfly Project's Spa Party

6/01/2013 01:21:00 AM

Assalamualaikum and hello ladies,

Woahhh I'm hoping that I'm not too late for this entry. How many of you have heard about the Spa Party?? Well if you not let me tell ya. This party is going to be awesomeeeeeee!!!!!
(Beware my post for today is full of awesome-ness! LOL) *awesome word overloaded alert

This party is one of the incredible events from The Butterfly Project. Well let me give you some briefing about this community. Basically, this community gathered all of the bloggers across Malaysia to share their passion towards beauty and everything. You can find out more by visit the page here!

In order for me to be invited to this awesome Spa Party, I have 3 reasons why I have to be invited.

This spa party is going to give me some relief after struggling in my assignment swamp and my student's hectic life. And the date of this party is just perfect which is in my study week. Ahhhh this is going to be a huge relief for me before my final examination.

I was unable to participate previous amazing events which makes envy reading all of the blog posts and vlogs (now you see how it is related to my #1 reason. pffttt. -.-" ).
So let me give a shot this time will you? haha. Well the main reason is I want to meet all of the beautiful and awesome bloggers from this Butterfly Project community. I saw on  vlog videos they had so much fun together with NO ME inside the videos. *Head banging real hard

With the collaborations of awesome brands and collaborators, how can I resist!

Posh! Nail Spa (I can see me pampering myself!! Oh like in heaven..)

Idea Food Malaysia (You know, you can never have enough food right? lol)

Fotobox  (Create a wonderful n colorful memory! )

Tres Chic Party Planner (Oh I love candy buffet!!)

The Body Shop (One of my favorite brands!! Wuhooo)

so Soft. so Johnson's (I love their lotions so much!!!)

Pink N' Proper (My wardrobe needs extra colors!!)

TT Mask Malaysia (Its one of my favorite masks ever!!!)

Only Beauty (Brings you sample to your door-step!! )

Oh yeah that is a lot!!! Drooling...
Finally, a huge thanks to The Butterfly Project, Plus Size Kitten for making me life so colorful!!!

For more information about this amazing Spa Party visit here!

Kiss & hug. ;)

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