Hijabi Encyclopedia and Hijab Inspirations for Eid??

7/31/2013 10:00:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hi ladies..
I got so excited to blog today mainly because Syawal is coming and I can not wait to 'balik kampung'..
So most of us muslims are so excited for Syawal and Eid because we can 'melaram' and getting new clothes and not to mention shopping because sale boards are everywhere and it is to hard to resist! -.-"

So back to the topic, most of us are so happy getting new clothes, new shoes and new hijabs to match with our dresses. If you are a huge fan of magazine you probably know Hijabista and no need to be introduced. Indeed. 
I never done any review for magazine but this edition is just mind blowing..

So the cover girl for August edition is Mira Filzah. She is one of the hosts of HijabistaTV and also the main star in Dunia Lola a.k.a Lola. I met her during the Hijabista's flash mob and she is so cute and sweet. 

I just took random pictures of the pages and saw this. How cute is that?
The very special about this edition is that there are so many inspirations that you can copy or try from the magazine. There are more than 80 hijabs' inspiration, modest fashion and you just going to love it page by page and beware! It makes you wanna go shopping right away. haha. That's quite dangerous for us. Or for me at least.

This is literally my favorite part. DIY! Gorgeous isn't it? The girl on top on the right side looks like Misha Omar a bit. hehe. #merandom

And extra special is MORE DIY TUTORIALS!!! Ahh wait. Look familiar doesn't she? 
Oh ya its me! I'm did 2 tutorials for you with 6 girls chosen from the Hijabista's flashmob. ^^

So what style are you going to wear this Eid? I you haven't got a copy go get one. I told you this one is the best and my favorite ever!!  

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kissess & hugs


The Butterfly Project Spa Party at Posh Nail Spa

7/16/2013 12:19:00 AM

Assalamualaikum and hi ladies..
Last month on 29th June I was invited to The Butterfly Project Spa party. The spa party was successfully held at the Posh Nail Spa..
I never been to any nail spa before, that was my first time. And I was super excited. 
The funny thing is that, I did not follow the dress code. Yup! 
I wasn't able to find any bathrobe anywhere near me. Haha.
Mummy Tammy 'marah-marah' sekejap lepas tu ok!
I met amazing bloggers you guys! No kidding...
They are so beautiful..

Most of the bloggers were Chinese but I didn't feel awkward at all.
They were so friendly and 'gila-gila' a bit..
So lets the pictures tell the story shall we?

This is my absolutely favorite place. Look at the prizes! I was 'lalu-lalang' at this area so many times.
Haha sounds creepy isn't it?
But who doesn't love prizes?? Like hello??
Unfortunately I didn't win any of the lucky draws but its ok.. 

Me trying to 'posing-posing' with my DIY body scrubs. 

Miss Ayna played ukulele and sing beautifully. Told ya, the bloggers are no kidding! 

Our sweet miss Illy and Ciklilyputih having some pictures together..

Ohmaigad! I love my nails so much. If you able to reach this nail polish, try it. It is so beautiful. I was so 'sayang' to remove it. It feels like you have some mermaid-ish feeling to it. But hey, to remove it was such a pain. -.-"

Look at the ballons..auww

I met Sabrina Tajudin for the first time. She was so sweet and super active! Haha. I'm pretty sure she managed to tried almost all of the treatments!

We played with fotobox! It was super fun! I'm not sure you guys can see, but I was a cute wolf? Deer? I'm not sure. haha.
The bloggers (L to R): Trislynn, Farisha, Sabrina
So lets see what I got in the goodies bag..

Tara!!!!! I'm so happy.. I can not wait to try all of the products. I'm getting 'tamak' I want to used it all at one time. Not good Jaja. Not good!

Before I end my entry, I would like to thanks to The Butterfly Project for invited me. I can't wait for the next event! And also to all of the sponsors that made this party happened! 

Check out the amazing sponsors!

Watch my video here! 

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