My First Experience at Laura Mercier Counter Sunway Pyramid

7/13/2013 04:20:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hi ladies,
Alhamdulillah and finally my final examination is over. I owed you guys lots of blog post. Including this blog post. So without further a due lets start with my review...

I went to the Laura Mercier counter the other day at Sunway Pyramid for the first time because I was intriguing to try the Silk Creme Foundation. I was only asked for the price ranges of makeup products but the lady was so nice she  told me that I can try it. Well, I was unable to say no. Its rude right? JK.

She removed my face makeup on the left side so that I can feel and see the different. 
Don't judge me why I still holding mirror in front of my face while my eyes are closed. 
I just love mirror. LOL

I'm so sorry I forgot to take a clear pictures of the products that she used on me. But I managed to crop from some of my pictures. ^^

Products used:
Step 1 - Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Step 2 - Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser
Step 3 - Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

If you read my blog and my youtube channel you know that I wear BB cream all the time. 
Here is the comparison of my makeup on that day and Laura Mercier Makeup. As you can see on the right side on my face looks more flawless and less appearance of pores. 

I was so focused listening to the lady. She said that wearing the foundation primer can help smoothen our face and covers the pores without clogged it. Not only act as a base, foundation primer also could make the foundation application smooth, well-blended and stays long.

She has a flawless face. It is my first time seeing a girl who doesn't have any flaws at all. She's just perfect. Her skin is amazing. I didn't even noticed any pimples and large pores at all. I asked her secret and she said always remove your makeup properly to prevent your skin from breaks out.

She also mentioned that apply your foundation with sponge can help you get flawless finish without look patchy and too much. 
Well if you do not know the tinted moisturizer is comparable to BB cream. It has light to medium finish. The purpose of it is that not only moisturize your face but also give you a little tint to your skin for radiant finish.

Last but not least applied the loose powder to set the makeup and prevent the foundation from sliding off and stays for long time. 

I'm a happy customer! Wide smile and full of satisfaction.

Overall: I can see that this brand is going to be my favorite when I work in future. I am somehow couldn't effort to buy the products right know but this is going to be in wishlist and yup my wishlist is getting longer than ever. LOL.
Thanks for passing by and thanks for reading butterflies..

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kissess & hugs

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  1. hahaha. I have to agree that Laura Mercier products are so expensive that I have to think a hundred times before purchasing any. I've never have any interest on their makeup ranged but the face makeup. Because I can literally get cheaper alternatives from other brands for eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks.

    1. Definitely, I pon prefer cheaper alternatives for eye and lips products. I also heard good thing about the LM concealers too! ;)


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