Ms Rosy Tea Party | Angelic Tea & Scone House Sri Hartamas

10/03/2013 04:43:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hello ladies!
Have you guys read my latest blog post on Ms Rosy Secrets?? Have you? If not here is the link..
So today I want to share my experience having a wonderful tea party with Ms Rosy (of course you guys can tell by the title -_-") and with 20 butterflies from The Butterfly Project!

The event was held at Angelic Tea & Scone House Plaza Damas Sri Hartamas. I was so lucky mamasan did PM me for the invitation right after I finished my photoshoot with Hijabista.
And I said YES right away! Rezeki....
Ms Rosy gives us a warm welcome with a romantic pink Paris-ish set up..
Ohhhh Champ Elysees....

Oh hey, it is not Paris without an Eiffel Tower right?
This mini Eiffel Tower is sooo cute. 

Our butterfly Illy and CikLily welcoming us as well..
Illy was in charged for the registration. I would like to request one thing from you Illy, instead Siti N could you please change my name to Izzati? hehe ^^ 

Group picture with mamasan..

I wear too much pink on that day. Haha. I need to shop more pink blouses. I always having a hard time when someone tells me "The theme is PINK" and I went ARGGGGGGHHH!!
Oh I forgot to wear makeup on that day. My bad. 

Out table set up.. I feel super elegant and exclusive..

Sabrina was there too..

These baby nail polishes brought all the way from Paris especially for us.. Yup you heard it right. PARISSS!!

Look at the place.. don't you feel like you are in Paris already??

This is my favorite part.. Makeup counter!! There were 3 makeup counters for us including a hair counter as well as the stylists from L'Oreal. How cool right?
Those makeup looks delicious isn't it?

Spotted Miss Ayna, Sabby Prue and Mieza were so busy playing with the makeup...

Lets eat.. Sab was so enjoying her meal.. 

Mieza was quite busy and serious with her meal. hehe. JK. That was my first time meeting Miera and Mieza. They were so lovely....

Scones & croissants..

My favorite..


Makeup session.. I need to try it all.. And yes I did. ;)

Miera was happy too..

Oh hey..more me. I'm a lip junkie...

DIY Station. The girls were so busy trying to make their own headband. 

And thanks to Sabrina for my beautiful braided headband that she made for me. Very cute..

Sad faces because we didn't get the chance to do caricature drawing.. Tsk. Tsk.

But hey, Ms Rosy Tea Party is one of the best parties that I ever attended and it was so fun meeting with the bloggers and get to know Ms Rosy! We are now a BFF and you are so welcome to call me ROSALINDA~~

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kissess & hugs

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