Maybelline-Catwalk to Sidewalk Party | Rocket ME 2 New York Final

11/06/2013 09:00:00 PM

Assalamualaikum & hello ladies..
Last Thursday I was invited by Maybelline for the Catwalk to Sidewalk Party at Neverland Club.
All of the contestants that participated for Maybelline Rocket Me 2 New York contest were invited as well.

I got 2 goody bags because I brought my boyfie that night and yes he is not a makeup person (thank God!) so I managed to get double the products. Yippie!!

Sorry for the overly white face because I only wear bb cream, eyeliner and some lipgloss after performed my solat. ^^

Group picture is a must! Some of the girls I have already know as some of them are new friends! Yeay!!
(If you are in the picture please let me know your name and blog/website links!)

The beautiful host is so bubbly and gorgeous!! I love her gold-sequined blouse..

There were 3 of my virtual friends that made to the top 13. Wiida, Erieqa and Fyna
I supported them all!!

This is not-so-attractive picture of mine. I got too excited meeting Erieqa for the first time. We have been virtual friends for the past 2 years. And yes, she is also one of the Malaysia's beauty gurus on Youtube just like me. She is so lovely and funny!!

Things got more emotional and exciting with some group hugs!

Winners will be fly to New York for New York Fashion Week 2014 with fully paid expenses! How awesome is that?
And the lucky winners are Fifi, she won 1st place and Wiida won second place!!
Wehooo congrats girls!!
(photobomb by me!)

The girl with the black jacket is Fifi and Wiida obviously wear white jacket..

Me, Sabrina and the beautiful Sabby Prue

Whaddup bro?? Sorry Erieqa for this picture but your nail colours are gorgeous!!

Group photo some more! 
From left: Arissa D, Erieqa, Me, Sabrina and Nadheera

Some cheeky shot a bit..

Last but not least, with the beautiful Maybelline's ambassador Elfira Loy. She is so cute and small. Rasa nak picit. ^^

Congrats to the winners once again also to other participants. You guys did a great job!!

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kissess & hugs

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  1. hi gorgeous! still remember me? dah byk kali jumpa u tapi bru hari ni jumpa ur blog..terus laju2 i follow...hehe btw nice to meet u izzati...i nak curi 2nd gambar tu boleh sebab ada gambar i y super besar...haha

    1. Hello! Yeke. nasib baik jumpa. ye sila2 ambil. ;)


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