REVIEW: Essence LEGENDS OF THE SKY powder blush [Better Way to Sky] | 2013

11/23/2013 09:00:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hello blog friends.
So how many of you obsessed with blusher?
Hands up? 

I found this baby a while back around 3-4 weeks ago.
I went to Sunway Pyramid and saw the latest collection on the Essence's counter. 
They always update their Essence's counter. Bravo Watson!

Dear Watson,stop putting huge tape at the back of the product. It's annoying and my makeup looks unattractive at all.

First of all, the packaging is so nice. It is almost look like MAC blusher packaging. The copper color is so cute. Its like a good resemblance for RiRi Hearts MAC collection. 

I love peach and coral blushers. I think it looks good on my skin. No surprise why I picked up this baby. 
To me, this color is suitable for all skin colors. 

It blends buttery smooth. This one is by far the smoothest blusher that I have ever used.
If you look wisely it has golden shimmers in it. But when you apply it on your face it complements perfectly with the peach color.

If you are looking for a gorgeous coral blusher and you don't want to burn your pocket. I highly recommend this blusher. And try other products from Essence too! 

Price: RM13.90
Availability: Watson
Rating: 4/5 stars

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kissess & hugs

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  1. wah! color dia cantik
    gotta try this one! :)
    tq for review
    n plis watson dont put huge tape coz it really annyoyinable ..ahaha :)

    1. Ye. kena try!!
      Yup Watson should stop putting the annoying tape. I rasa RFID tag tu dah cukup kuat dah. tak payah la letak tape tu.
      ;) Thanks for reading.

  2. Saya obses dengan blusher berbanding e/shadow. Paling suka warna coral dan peach. :)

    1. Me too!! We are virtual twins!
      Thanks for reading ;)

  3. cantiknya! i saw kat fb page Essence kata now diorg tgh sale this range kat Watsons sebab nak clear stock for new collection.

  4. the shimmers looks so nice! i bet this kalau campur dengan matte blush, put this on the higher cheek bone macam cantik! hehe


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