NEW [PREVIEW] : Sigma Enlight Collection

12/14/2013 01:15:00 AM

Assalamualaikum and hello ladies.
I'm super excited for this post.
Sigma Beauty has came up with their new makeup which is called the 'Enlight Collection'

They are all beautiful neutral colors and suitable for daily basis.

So lets have a look at the individual product shall we?

The colors in this palette is so beautiful. I can see a fall-festive color ranges here. 
The first row has the most lightest brown colors.
The second row is more to like soft brown and a brick color. 
The last row is probably my favorite. I love the peach and the shimmery bronze. 

The blushes look so warm and nice. 
Perfect for every skin tones. 

The eyeliner pencils are also more to like earth-y colors which I love.
Perfect for smokey as well as everyday makeup look.

These are my absolutely favorite! Look at the colors. 
I can see that these colors something that I can rock everyday. 
You can wear these colors for every looks. From neutral to smokey makeup.
They are just perfect. 

I love eye shadow bases. Composed looks so gorgeous if I want to create smokey makeup look.
Awake is also a unique light pink color. I think I saw it in Carli bybel tutorial. Its amazing.
While Neutralize is a perfect shade if you can to have a clean canvas and create any makeup looks.

Sigma always creates an amazing brushes. I love my Sigma brushes I use them everyday.
They always come out with an amazing ideas of brushes. 
These brushes are nice for me to add in my makeup collection.

If you have a chance to grab one of these, which one would you choose?
I can't I want them all! lol
For more information about this collection visit Sigma now!
They ship WORLDWIDE!!

*pictures credit to Sigma Beauty blog. Some link(s) is affiliate link.

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kissess & hugs

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