REVIEW: My Experience with MrLens

12/21/2013 12:59:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hello lovelies!
How many of your a huge 'hoarder' of contact lens? Hands up because we can be virtual twins.
Have you guys ever heard about
Its amazing! It an online shop that sells lens for reasonable or can I say inexpensive prices?
You can have from clear contacts to colored contacts!

What I love about MrLens is that they have a variety of contacts. And of course, authentications are  100% guaranteed!

They offer rewards if you recommend to your friends which is awesome.

I love how they handle the tracking order. They email you like right away after you placed order and keep you update every time they process your order.
I had some problem when I tried to fill in the order form, like you need to have your home (phone) number, and I don't have any. (Pardon me, I'm a system engineering student and I have  keen eyes on systems -.-" )

My parcel!! Yeay!! Got it within 3-4 days.

I chose the Starburst Green and Be Dolly Black.

In the picture above I wear the Starburst Green contact lens. Katniss Everdeen konon! ;D

 Overall, It delivered fast,the service is good and I can't wait to order more colored contacts from them! ^^

P/s: I did persuade my friends Mira and Tika to like MrLens's facebook because they love contact lens as much as I do. Yup! They bought the colored contacts for only RM39!  

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**This is a sponsored post. But all opinion(s) is 100% on my own. 

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kissess & hugs

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