REVIEW: Beauty Blender from Luxola | 2014

1/03/2014 10:00:00 AM

Assalamualaikum ladies and Ola everyone.
Today i'm going to review about the cute Beauty Blender.

I ordered it from around 2 months ago. 
I was influenced by the beauty gurus on Youtube. Almost all of the beauty gurus love this little pink sponge and of course I need to have it. 

I was impressed on how fast it delivered to my house. It only took around 2-3 days after I ordered.

It comes with this built-in bubble wrap package. This is my first time having this kind of packaging. Jakun habis.

Look how well they wrap my pink baby. ^^ I don't know how to describe this wrapping.

Some more wrapping. 

Tara!!!! OMG. Can I cry now?? Although I took this pictures awhile back but my heart is about to cry whenever I see this picture. Its like my Beauty Blender's first born. lol

This Beauty Blender appears smaller in the packaging but after you dampen it, it will suddenly turn very fat.

Ever since I got this, I used it every single day. I applied almost everything using this Beauty Blender. It apply seamlessly from BB creams to foundation and . I just love it so much. No word can describe my feeling towards this baby.
And yes! I really recommend it to you, you and YOU!!

Overall rating: 5/5 stars
Price: RM66 (I used 10% discount code so I got it for only RM 59.40)
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kissess & hugs

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  1. Bestnye ada beauty blender! i'm still thinking whether to get it or not. huuuu

    1. You should!!! And you gonna love it. Believe me!


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