My Langkawi Travelog | 2014

2/06/2014 01:10:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hello friends.
I started my new year with an amazing journey. My mom surprised me after my final examination with trip to Langkawi for 4 days 3 nights.
Fun fact about me is that I have never been to Langkawi ever!

On the first day of course we went to the famous Dataran Lang for photo session. 
Haha I presented my muscular back for you guys. 

The first thing I love about Langkawi is the weather. Its sunny and bright everyday. That feeling I can't never described with words. You have to go there seriously! This is my kakak saudara. She is also a first timer in Langkawi just like me. 

If you are going to Langkawi I recommend you to bring you sunnies or shades with you because the weather is so bright and I can't even opened my eyes. 
(I wear contacts in this picture because I broke my glasses. -.-')

Ahaa an awkward pose is a must for me. Look at the water!! Its turquoise. 
I was captivated by the scenery. The water is crystal clear. 

Breath taking view. 

Pose! How many of you watched Yaadein. I was berangan I am Kareena Kapoor and shouted the dialogue "Avantika, Sania, Papa I'm in love!!!!" LOL
Yes the film was shot in Langkawi.

Next we went to Beras Terbakar. Langkawi is known with their history and heritage places of course I have to visit. I love history. (Fun fact: I got an A for my Sejarah subject in SPM)

I was emotionless in the picture because this place was the first place effected after the Mahsuri death and the citizen believe it was because of the Mahsuri's curse.

Trying to find the beras. Some people said you still can find it if you truly want to see it.

Second day. 

On the second day, we were trying to find a beach just to have an evening walk. We found the Pantai Pasir Hitam. I'm not sure you can see the board, but the captions are so funny. Let see if I can show to you guys.

1. Suatu masa dahulu
2. Batuan dari bulan
3. Dinosaur di dalam tangki minyak anda

I was laughing so hard when I saw the board. Its a little bit confusing and hard to understand at first. But I managed to figured it out. Malay. Metaphore.

Of course, pisang sira is my favorite!!

This picture is one of my favorite. Can I just live in Langkawi??

Third day. We went to Makam Mahsuri. 

This place is believe as Makam Mahsuri but there are arguements that this is not the real makam where Mahsuri was buried. 

Here is Mahsuri's house. I'm so immersed into zaman dulu-dulu. How is wish I live during the zaman kegemilangan Langkawi. The house is so ethnic and truly represent Malays' culture. 

Oh hello! 

This is the biggest house. It belongs to the Bendahara I believe. 

Telaga Mahsuri. I'm a timba expert. When I was 4 years old, my family lived in Melaka and we always go to the Perigi Hang Tuah. That the place I was trained to handle timba
Haha. I grew up in historical place.

Well, one of the Langkawi's must visit place is the cable car. 
Of course we went there. At first, I decided to not to ride the cable car. But my kakak and boyfriend forced me to. They said for the sake of experience. They don't want me to regret. 

Well I have no interesting pose in the cable car. I have acrophobia. But my mum said that I'm lemah semangat punya orang. I can't be in bus, I hate being on plane and I hate height!

The ride isn't scary at all. Thank goodness.
Look at the view. I'm speechless.

Last day before we back home, I went to the cable car once again. My mum wanted to ride it after I convinced her the cable car wasn't scary at all. The last time she rode the cable car was on 2006. She said it was scary at that time. 

We went to Pantai Kok before heading to airport. 
Peace from me. Ma'as salamah ya Langkawi.

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