My Favorite Youtubers (Makeup and Techniques) | 2014

4/12/2014 04:31:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hey guys!

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! So today I'm going to share my favorite Youtubers that I love. 
As you guys now, I love watching Youtuber for extra knowledge mainly about makeup. I'm not trying to be professional makeup artist or anything but I just want to experiment with the skills and techniques  that I lerant from the Youtube. So let start!

I take makeup skills and techniques seriously! You guys probably know. I love makeup and I can't help it. lol. I love watching tutorials from the experts or freelance MUAs. Their skills are the best that I could learn. So here is the list of beauty gurus that I normally looking forward for their tutorials (by sequence):

1. Jaclyn Hill

I love this girl! I just found her channel around last month and I am absolutely love Jaclyn. Her skills and techniques are amazing. She is a professional makeup artist. She worked for MAC for 4 years and her tutorials are mind blowing! I love her personality so much. You guys should watch her videos. You are going to love her. Trust me!

2. Carli Bybel

She is one of the most beautiful womans I have ever seen. She is a freelance MUA. Her blue eyes are so beautiful. She is a must watch!

3. ShaaanXO

ShaaanXO's tutorials are amazeballs. She uploads her tutorials frequently and I just can't missed it. She has an amazing skills. She is the owner of XObeauty brushes and false lashes. Love her!

4. Sharon Farrell

She is a professional MUA. She teaches everything. Enough said.

5. Nikkie Tutorials

OMG you guys! If you missed her videos is like you missed one of the gems in professional makeup industry. I found her channel years ago. And I believe the turned into a pro MUA when she was only 16. Aha say what? She has amazing skills at young age and her sense of humors? ADORE her!

6. Gossmakeupartist

Wayne Goss is a professional makeup artist. He has been working with the makeup industry for the past 15 years. He just launched his own brush line.  I really love his tips. It help me a lot and I think you guys should watch too!

So here it is. My favorite makeup channels. Well I do have a tons more but this is like my 'personal gurus' that I always comeback to improve my makeup skills and techniques. I hope you guys like it. 
And I will do 'My Favorite Youtubers' series again under different categories soon. Thanks for reading!

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