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4/03/2014 08:30:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hello ladies!

I just found an awesome tag from my fellow bloggers kak Nani and Sabrina that they did last week. I think I never done any tag on blog before. I believe I've been tagged once but I'm so sorry I have short term memory. -.-'

Anyway, this tag is called Get to know me tag. So without further a due let's start!

1. What is your nickname?
Well basically I have 2. My family,schoolmates and my close friends call me Jaja. My virtual friends know me or call me as Izzati. ^^

2. What is your favorite subject in school?
I love Physics so much!! And until now I still do! 

3. What is your favorite drink?
I love mineral water. I consume it like nobody business. But if I hang out, I love Chatime.

4. Favorite song at the moment?
Royals by Lorde. I love her!

5. What would you name your children?
Hmm. Tough question. But I've thinking about to give some uniqe names but still have nice and good Islamic meaning. I was inspired by Irine Nadia's daughter Fiska Medina. Unique but still has a good meaning. ;)

6. Do you participate in any sports?
I did. I was in netball team. Hardcore punya! My position always be GK (goal keeper) because I'm a bit aggressive. I hate being GD (goal defend) sebab mengah. Lol.

7. Favorite book?
I love motivational and Islamic books. I couldn't remember any of my favorite because they are all good. But I remember I got one when I was in my high school which was about Dato' Dr Sheikh Muzaphar Shukor. I lost it. :(

But If you ask me novel I love 'Remember Me?' by Sophie Kinsella. love it so much. 

8. Favorite color?
In my whole life I struggle a lot to have my favorite color. I realised when I was 21 years old that I love turqoise. Hopefully it is not too late to have my favorite color. hehe

9. Favorite animal?
I'm a cat lover! Enough said. ;)

10. Favorite perfume?
Heat Rush by Beyonce. If you haven't try it, you are missing something sweet in your life. ;)

11. Favorite holiday?
Langkawi!!! Arghhh. love that place. Read my Langkawi travelog [HERE]

12. Have you graduated high school?
I'm 23. And yes I have. ;)

13. Have you been out of the country?
Yes. I've been to Singapore, Indonesia and Cambodia. ;)

14. Do you speak any other languages?
Besides English, I can understand Punjabi a little bit. I'm a Bollywood fan! hehe. And I took Arabic language class. 

15. Do you have any siblings?
No. I am the only daughter that my mum has. 

16. What's you favorite store?
What what? No I have so many favorite stores! MANGO MANGO MANGO!! I also love Forever21, Vincci, Sephora, Sincerely by Us, Watson and Guardians, Mr DIY and of course Daiso. I have many more. But you know now where to spot me. ^^

17. Favorite Restaurant?
Carl's Jr. Guilty pleasure!

18. Did you like school?
As far as I can remember, yes I did. 

19. Favorite Youtubers?
I have so many! I will do different blog post. ;)

20. Favorite movie?
Arghhh. Another tough question. Hmm. 47 Ronins. Oh Pacific Rims is also good. The Avengers I've been watching it thousand times. So yeah. 

21. Favorite TV show?
The Return of Superman (I love Haru and Sarang!), Runningman, Law & Order : SVU, Giada at Home, Sherlock and Ellen DeGeneres show.

22. Pc or Mac?
Pc. If I can have Mac that would be great. hehe

23. What phone do you have?
Sony Ericsson Vivaz and Samsung Galaxy Grand Duo.

24. How tall are you?
166cm. According to my passport. Lol. 

So there you go. I hope you like it. I tag everyone who read this. And if you done one, please tweet me so that I can read. Follow me on my twitter by click on my twitter button above! ;)

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kissess & hugs

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  1. la, wiida baru tau u anak tunggal and same age with me! haha

    1. Yup! Anak tunggal. Sesorang je. Hehe. Yeay twinny!!


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