Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer [02 Light]

6/19/2014 11:08:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hey guys!
Today, I'm review one of the popular items from the new makeup brand that reached Malaysia about a month ago which is Collection Cosmetics's Lasting Perfection Concealer.

My story with Collection Cosmetics is quite deep. LOL. I've been involved with Youtube for about 4 years now. So you name me any makeup brands from drugstore to high end, from high street to what ever you want to tell. Insya Allah I will know about the brand. But, when I heard about Collection Cosmetics I was clueless. The only brand that I have ever heard that quite related to this brand is 'Collection 2000' which I heard from my favorite beauty gurus from the UK. I'm pretty sure that they re-brand it into new name which is Collection Cosmetics. I remember Tanya Burr talked about Collection 2000's concealer that she loved so much. And here is it. 

So I chose the color 02 Light. It is a shade lighter than my skin color. I love light concealer underneath my eyes as well as to cover up my blemishes because, it can reflect the light and brighten all my flaws so that my face looks awake and fresh. 
The famous color is in 03 medium I heard that it is sold out everywhere. It is more like a skin-toned color which I believe matches perfectly to Malaysian girl skin tones. 

The packaging has nothing special. It is in long tube like almost all concealers packaging minus Maybelline has the shorter one. 

The wand is so-called 'doe-foot' wand also that kind of wand that we are very familiar with. The only complain that I have is that the stopper of this concealer doesn't really do the justice and it smears at the hole of the tube. That irritates me. 

Here is my naked face. Major issues, eye bags and dark circles.

So here is my face with the concealer. I wear it on my convocation's day. Look at how flawless my under eye areas. I covered my dark circles amazingly minus my puffy eyes. My convocation was on afternoon session, you have no idea how hot the weather was but my concealer doesn't budge at all! It stayed until I removed it with my makeup remover.

Here is my summary of this concealer. Yup I wear it in the above picture.

~ It has SPF. It will reflect white cast when you use flash to take picture.
~ Just improved the stopper and I'll stay quite. 
~ Some shades always sold out and only available at selected Watsons.
~ It set very fast and sometime it is very tricky and hard to blend because it is so high coverage and thick. I recommend you using your damp sponge or Beauty Blender to blend it or fingers. Using brush can take quite sometimes to totally blend.  

Izzati Says?

I love 98% of this concealer. Now I know why it has been a fuss all over the internet. Well I got to try on and yes it really does work on me! Thanks goodness I didn't waste my money on MAC Pro Long wear. I can buy this concealer 4 tubes at the same price as MAC concealer. 

Price: RM19.90
Availability: Selected Watsons

!! Not a sponsored post. Purchased with my own money.

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kissess & hugs

~If you read this, comment Unicorns FART rainbows.......

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  1. i am still testing it. so far loving it! as much as i love my maybelline concealer which actually crease, this does the same job as the maybeline one but it does not crease. so points for that!

    1. My too! But the staying power and the coverage. Urgghhhh! Crazyyy

  2. i first bought the shade 02 Light as well coz 03 Medium was nowhere to be found. I super love 02 Light for my eyebags, it's perfect perfect perfect!!! Then my brother bought 2 tubes of 03 Medium for me in Ipoh before he got back so now I'm quite happy to have 3 tubes of this concealer. definitely recommended, i will review them as well later ^_^ heyy sis I love your convo makeup!!!


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