Beauty Event: Collection Cosmetic's Workshop

7/23/2014 10:30:00 AM

Assalamualaikum and Ola ladies,
Last month I was invited by Collection Cosmetic to attend their beauty workshop held at Citta Mall. I was beyond happy because I got play with the awesome products and best of all I can meet the brand ambassador, Nelydia Senrose. The Senrose sisters are my female celebrity crush and to meet one of them is like my dream come true! 

During the event, collection displayed their best sellers makeup products. Not all of their products available at the workshop because the main reason was to promote their best sellers as well as to give ideas for their new customers what to buy from their makeup line.

The stars of the show!!

Oh one thing that I can not forget the Collection Team served us with a lot of sweets. Not to mentioned they are super colorful and cute. Can I say no to it? Of course not!! They sweets were too cute and I couldn't help myself to grab more. 

The sweet avenue. Pardon my shaky hands. I didn't bring my DSLR. Only use my phone. -.-
Omerged!!! Look at it???? How cute is that?
They are so pretty! Urghhh! 

I can not help myself so I got to try their lip product. I love their lipsticks. They are insanely pigmented, intense and vibrant colour selections. Irresistible!

Arissa also enjoying some lip swatches. Told ya. It's amazing.

Some more lip products. I have the cream puff matte lip color. I love it so much. It is other alternative for NYX matte lip cream. On the second row, they have their Colour Pro lip gloss. Oh my gosh i'm telling you, the pigmentation is crazy and comparable to Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lipgloss. Bonus? It is more affordable and cheaper. 

My favorite Malaysia's Beauty Blogger, Kak Innanie and Arissa

Oh chop Nora Danish ke tu? ^^ Face of Maybelline? Yes! The bubbly and energetic miss Wiida Ribbon and her friend.

NELYDIA SENROSE!!! Arggghhhh! She's super pretty. I love her so much! She looks directly on my cam. *SCREAM

Kak Innanie just hit 1 million pageviews on her blog. Congratulations for you kakak!!

Have you tried any of Collection Cosmetics before? 
Read my review on their best seller Lasting Perfection Concealer [HERE]

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kissess & hugs

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  1. woiii comelnya akak! ehh salah. comelnyaa izzati! hahaha

    thank you dik! :) love and miss you!

    1. Hehe. Akak pun comel jgk!
      Sama2. Miss u too my lovely kakak!


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