Beauty Review: New Maybelline White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder

7/25/2014 10:30:00 AM

Assalamualaikum and Selamat Hari Raya everyone!
Today, I'm reviewing new product from Maybelline which is the White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder. First of all, I'm so impressed with Maybelline because they put so much efforts on their products and they keep on launching new products well at least 3 new products for this year. 

When I received this product I was so happy. They packaging box is different compared to their regular 'green' boxes that they have for their powders. I must say that packaging really plays an important role because that is the first thing that caught my eyes.

I can't stop talking about the packaging haha. The embossed 'Maybelline' on the lid is totally one of my fav! If you own so many Maybelline powder you know that they normally just stamped the 'Maybelline' and at the end of the day the logo is gone. This embossed kind of thing totally sold me. It make it looks elegance, different and feel exclusive. Love!

Now moving on to the powder review, I got mine in the color 03 Natural. I have light medium skin tone. Normally, I can pulled off any 'Natural' color from my previous Maybelline powder. 
Unfortunately, when I apply this powder on my skin, the color is a little bit off for my skin tone. It doesn't suit my skin color at all. The powder comes in 4 different shades which is 02 Nude Beige, 03 Natural, 04 Honey and 05 Sand Beige so I probably need to find myself the right color.

What makes this product different?

It is enriched with Mineral Perlite that is 5X the absorption power of regular talc. It facilitate sweat evaporation with almost zero build up. Works like a blotter that continuously blots away sweat and sebum so that color  stays true during the wear, complexion remains bright- looking.

Long lasting matte coverage that instantly whitens & evens skin tone, smoothes and blend away imperfections. Makeup remains looking freshly-applied. Fresh-feeling and creates the clean touch of a morning shower or face wash.

My thoughts?
I have a mixed feeling with this powder. I have an oily combination skin and living in hot and humid country. 
The powder claims that 12hr fair matte look and fresh feel and does not need any touch up. Unfortunately, to my oily skin within several hours my T-zone area get so oily. So to achieved that 'fresh feeling' I have to touch up after 2 hours. 
However, the texture feels nice and light and does not feel like you have powder sits on your face. It also does not cakey on my face. Sometimes I noticed it enhance some dry patches on my dry area on my face but that can easily solved with a good amount of moisturizer. 
Overall, it is a good powder for beginner and if you have a perfect skin condition this powder might work wonder for you. 

Another thing that I like about this product is it provides an instruction on how to refill the powder. This might seems random but to me it's a bonus. 

MYR 23.90 [9g]
MYR 11.90 [Refill]

Watsons, Guardians and any retail stores that carry this brand.

So have you try this product? Or would you like to try it?

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kissess & hugs

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  1. Awh I'm sorry it doesnt work quite well on you. I have oily combination skin and this powder works well on my skin, I prefer using it alone because it just made my life easier, hehe!

    1. Same skin type here! Let's just say that I'm in 'honeymoon' phase with the powder.


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