Review: Bloop Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

7/20/2014 03:00:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hey guys!
Today, I'm reviewing Bloop anti-bacterial hand gel or Bloop hand sanitizer.
If you guys don't know, a few months back I bought quite a handful of hand sanitizers back in Cambodia. 
Here in Malaysia it is so hard so me to find any 'fancy' anti-bacterial hand gel that can help me to become more hygenic whenever I want to do something. 

So luckily I was sent by HiShop to review this cute little baby. 
There are 5 designs of the Germ Blaster: Professor, Fuzzy, Dancing, Traveller and Loving
I got mine in Fuzzy. Obviously you guys can see that already. lol

The design of the germ blasters is so cute. I must say the packaging really makes me want to use it all the time.
When I saw 'The Fuzzy' design I was automatically thinking about Mike Wazowski from Monster Inc. 
But with different color, quite hairy and chicklets on front teeth. 

The Fuzzy hand gel contains 99.9% of germs active cleansing beads and germ killer that help the dirty hand clean and leave mold scented. 

So let's talk about the scent. When I first got it, I can not stand the scent at all. I sniffed it directly from the tube and I feel so dizzy. It was too overpowering. But, when I pour it into my hand I was wrong. The scent is so mild and it does not bother me at all. 

The blue beads are the active germ killers that help kill 99.9% bacteria. If you cut your hand beware, it sting a lot!

Lastly, the size of it is so small like any other hand gels that I owned. Definitely travel friendly and you can throw it into your purse and bring it everywhere with you. 

Izzati Says:

Hand sanitizer or anti bacterial hand gels played important roles in my life. 
As a makeup addict I always sanitize my hand before applying my makeup especially using my fingers or else it is a great to spread germs and bacteria on my skin. 
I also sanitize my hand before I wear my contact lens. Bacteria in your eyes? You don't event want to imagine right?

Here is the details where you can buy this product:
HiShop: Visit [HERE]
OR Bloop counters. 
Visit Bloop's Facebook:

 (29ml X 5 + 1 Christmas Hand Gel Holder)  [HERE]
(29ml X 5 + 1 Elephant Hand Gel Holder) [HERE]
 (29ml X 5 + 1 Party Hand Gel Holder) [HERE]
 (29ml X 5 + 1 White Sheep Hand Gel Holder) [HERE]
 (29ml X 5 + 1 Yellow Sheep Hand Gel Holder) [HERE]

Do you use any hand sanitizer? I would love to hear your favorite brand. Do leave your comment below. 

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kissess & hugs

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