BEAUTY REVIEW: Omorose BB Stick [Fair to Medium]

8/23/2014 06:44:00 PM

 Assalamualaikum and hello my lovely readers!
I'm back with a new beauty swatches from the Omorose Cosmetics.
This brand is new to me because I never really heard about it before. 
This brand carries all of their products paraben and phenoxyethanol free as well as they do not conduct any animal testing and a cruelty-free brand

I was so lucky to try the BB Stick. First of all the packaging is so cute. They put it in the box instead of wrapping it in the plastic like any other drugstore makeup brand did. It shows how much effort they take for their product. 
The BB Stick is bulky like any other BB Stick in the market and it is huge and in a good amount. Loving the teal cap that it has. Turquoise is my favorite color. Can't help it.

This BB stick comes with SPF 35++. Some people may concern about it and some may not like I am. I only wear this BB stick during daytime so it is a plus from me. I also rarely turn on flash on my camera in my pictures of selfie so the SPF is not a big problem for me. 

Here is my bare skin from my hand with my mole as a point so that you can see how does the BB Stick covers instead of just showing a plain skin and you can not really see the different. 

First swatches, I never try any BB Stick before and I also a bit prejudise towards it. 
I always thought that BB Stick can be quite heavy, sticky and annoying. Well I was so wrong. 
If you guys can see in the picture above the BB Stick is so dewy. It does feel a little heavy in the first application that is because I don't blend it. 

I blended using my Real Technique's Expert Face Brush and Oh Mai Gosh! Look at how flawless it blends into my skin. This picture was taken with flash on! It blends smooth. and does not feel sticky and heavy at all! 
The coverage is pretty good like any other BB cream but almost like a light to medium foundation's coverage. My mole is almost disappear. 

Here is the picture without flash. It gives my skin a dewy finish which I like. 

I'm wearing the BB Stick on my first hari raya and look at that. The finish is perfection and my skin looks so clean and flawless.

It is a very nice BB Stick/cream. I really recommend to everyone. If you have an oily skin I recommend you to use face primer first. 
In price wise, it is very expensive for 'BB Cream' range but considering the result and it a cruelty free brand, I think it's worth it. 

Where to buy?
Price: RM99.00

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  1. I kinda like foundation/BB Cream that comes in a stick! Looks very convenient!

    1. I must admit. Very convenient. Tak adalah takot tertumpah or anything in my makeup bag.


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