|| Autumnal Season || SimplySiti Bejeweled Saphire Edition Swatches

10/02/2014 10:26:00 PM

Something I never experienced but I love is definitely autumn. I just discovered a new eye shadow that melts my heart exactly at the first time I see it. 

I'm not really a huge fan of SimplySiti except for the BB Creams and a blusher that I own. Other products look 'typical' to me until I was at their warehouse sale last week. I was wrong. They got tons of amazing product that I never tried. 

This palette is the Bejeweled collection that meant to be exclusive I think. I love how they put an effort to the packaging with the rhinestones on the plastic casing that makes it look a bit 'exclusive'. 

The first time I see it it definitely feel almost like a high end shadow like Tom Ford or Charlotte Tillbury but of course never made to that par. 

The color combinations are to die for. Apparently it screams fall.

All of the colors are shimmering warm tones. 
The formulation is shimmering and it glides smoothly.
The pigmentation is not super pigmented which I love because it is so much easier to build in the intensity of the colors. 

I find a little fall outs especially for the mocha brown color but the other 3 work like a charm.

Frosty White - A very nice cool-toned frosty white color with yellow undertones is nice especially for highlighting in the inner corners. This color is the least pigmented but build able and easy to blend. I find a little fall out during the swatches

Orange Pumpkin - My second favorite color in this palette. Beautiful warm orange color with gold iridescent in it. Blend buttery smooth and the color is build able.

Shimmering Khaki - This color is definitely the reason why I picked up this palette. Beautiful khaki color with yellow iridescent. Lovely. 

Brown mocha - The pigmented color in the palette. This color has the most fall outs but build able. It has purple under tones that makes it unique. 


I think this is a lovely palette especially for the current season. Although we may not experience it physically but hey that is why we have makeup! 
The colors are fantastic and can suit every skin tones or colors. 
The contrast of each of the colors makes it unique.
I think Dato' Siti is done a very good job on creating this color palette. 

Price: RM45.90

Where to buy:

Any SimplySiti counters
(Use CODE: SNURIZZATI for an exclusive 15% rebate on your purchase)

Do you love fall/autumn season? What do you love the most? Is it makeup, fashion or the food? 
Do share on the comment below. 

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