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 Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.
The new year is started in fact January is over (how quick) and I still want to talk about the products that I received from my Christmas dinner with The Butterfly Project last December.
Have you seen my last 2 videos also featured products that are from TBP beauty box? If you haven't please check out my previous post here.

I am someone who is very particular about my skin. So a good skincare routine is a must for me. Although I heart makeup so much but I take skincare to the next level. VERY IMPORTANT.
I was not born with perfect and flawless skin, so my skin is a little high maintenance than my makeup. 

As a beauty blogger and Youtuber I always been criticized that I wear makeup so much because I want to hide my imperfections and I afraid people will see the real 'ugly' face of mine. Oh they are just so wrong. I have np problem at all to bare my face in my videos in fact I have tons of tutorials I started with my bared face. Well that also makes other people wonder how comfortable am I to reveal my 'real' face. My secret is simple, a good skincare made me do this. 

So, here is my new skincare routine for 2015. 

 1. Always 21 ALOE VERA Soothing & Refresh Gel Mist

I'm so sorry my pose is so tacky but seriously anything related to Aloe Vera I just obsessed. 
I have an oily combination skin my T-Zone area is oily my dry area is so dry. 
This baby really soothes my dry area and dry patches. 
Because I'm a lazy person I love that I can simply spray this gel mist to all over my face.

 But, sometimes I love to pamper myself so I spray the gel mist to my favorite premium facial puff and apply it to my skin. The idea is that I mimic it as my toner, moisturizer and my face essence. 
Surprise right? I can be creative sometimes with my skincare product. LOL

2. L'Oreal Revalift Laser 3X Eye Cream

I cannot stressed you enough on how important to use an eye cream as part of your skincare routine. I have been neglecting this step all my life until two years ago I was looking at the mirror I have this huge puffy eye bags and my wrinkles around my eyes were just unforgiven.

People these days love to conceal their under eye area and getting obsessed with banana powder instead of taking a good care of their eyes. 
Especially if you are in your 20s you should start using an eye cream. 
Well, if I am able to change the 3-steps skincare routine I would like to change it into 4 steps. Cleanse, tone, moisturise and throw tons of eye cream underneath your eyes.
You will regret no more!

3. Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask
Did you know of the Koreans secret for healthy and glowing skin is they wearing facial masl almost everyday before going to bed!
I am always looking forward for Koreans and Japanese skincare tips because they are the King of a good skincare product and facial mask is one of it. 
I remember my friend used to told me that in Korea if you are about to enter the shopping centre they will hand you a face mask FOR FREE!!! 

I love this Hydraluron mask it is refreshing, it is a little slimy though but my skin feels so moisturize. 
And the cool thing is it has this little eye mask where you can wearing on your eyes and calm your eyes and makes you want to sleep!

4. Maybelline Electro Pop Baby Lips

 This is one of my favorite lip products right now. I use matte lipstick all the time but when lips feel burned and chapped this is my absolute staple. I have this in my makeup bag with me 24/7.
Sometimes I also love to put it to all over my lips before I go to bed to make sure my lips are moisturize and soft on the next day. 

So here is my new skincare routine for this year. They will change overtime depend on my skin condition. I told you, my skin is so high maintenance. 
So what's your skincare regime? Mind to share with me on the comment below? 
Thanks for reading!

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