Beauty Review : Stila Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set | DEC 2015

12/04/2015 08:00:00 PM

Assalamualaikum ad hey guys.
A few days ago I put up a new video on my YouTube channel where I swatched all the liquid lipsticks from the Stila Eternally Liquid lipstick Set. So, I decided to share my thought and review on the lip set because in the video I solely focus on swatches. 

Before I further explain about the product, this lip set is a LIMITED EDITION which is a bummer. This is part of Stila's 2015 holiday collection. And I apologize if this review is a bit late because I heard it is sold out almost everywhere. But who knows you can try to contact Sephora if you are interested. 

Moving on to the review. This liquid lipstick set comes in 6 deluxe sized Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick and 3 of it are from their best sellers liquid lipstick which is Patina, Aria and Fiery and 3 other limited edition colors
Let's talk about the packaging. It comes in Stila standard gold box which pretty much all of their holiday boxes have almost the same design. Nothing to overwhelmed it is simple but presentable as a gift set I would say.

The color coordination in this set starting from the very basic nude color to pink toned, bright violet to deep purple and bright red. I appreciate that each color is contrast to each other so you can have variety of color to play around in this set. 

FIERY - A deep red color which I wear on my recent Instagram picture. I do not wear bright lipstick a lot but I would say this one is an exception. The formula for this one is creamy and smooth and the pigmentation is bomb. Very opaque. It also glides beautifully on my lips with one swipe and I really appreciate that I don't have to work so much in term of application. Love this. 

CARAMELLO - True nude with brown undertone. If you know me this color is my life. I live for nude color. LOL. I was quite skeptical at first because I thought this color is too nude or too light for my medium skin tone and it will washed out and make me look like zombie. Well, never judge a book by its cover. I LOVED this color! If you see on my swatch video it looks so nice and the brown undertone really compliments my skin color. Formulation and application are just like the Fiery one. Flawless.

COMO - OMG! This color is brighter than my future! LOL. This is not me kind of color. It is neon violet color. If you like bright bold color you will enjoy this. I still experimenting with this color. I have no idea where I'm going to wear this color yet but we'll see. The only thing I want to mention is it applies slightly patchy then others. I still can see my real lip color peeking through. But it is okay. 

CHIANTI - This one is deep plumy color. It is too purple for my liking but definitely in my list for my favorite bold color. This is the most tricky color to apply. Because it is bold deep color, it takes me almost 5 minutes to apply for a perfect application. But this color is perfect for every skin tones. From fair to deep skin tone. OMG! I can already imagine how bold it will look. This is one of the colors where you are too lazy to wear full face makeup and throw this color on your lips, bammm gorgeous!

ARIA - Aria is such a beautiful rosy magenta color and I believe it is one of the best seller from this All Day Liquid Lipstick line. But, believe it or not, this is my least favorite among all in this lip set. If you saw when I apply it on my video, it is so patchy and I even have a shocked moment captured in my video. In term of application it is not as smooth as Fiery or Caramello in my opinion. And it is also less opaque than others. That is my first impression. 

PATRINA - The reason why I bought this liquid lipstick set is because of this color. Patrina is the best selling liquid lipstick in this line. It is everyone's favorites, the dusty rose color suits every skin tones and you can never go wrong with this color. I live with nudes and mauve colors so this is my ultimate favorite. Unfortunately, I saw in almost all Sephora that I visited they no longer have this color in stock. Or perhaps they discontinued this color in Malaysia. 

So, conclusion.
If you saw this at Sephora, I highly recommend you to purchase this without hesitation. It is such a great bargain especially if you never tried any Stila liquid lipstick like me. And a little extra information, each one of the liquid lipstick in this set contains 1ml amount of product. Don't be fool by the size because the full sized of Stila liquid lipstick is 3ml

The main question is would you buy it if you saw this at Sephora? 

Price : RM135
Availability: All Sephora outlets nationwide

Extra gossip: Don't you think all liquid lipsticks should be in deluxe sized? Not only it is more affordable but, hello no one will ever finished 3ml liquid lipstick in their life where they have 40 colors to choose in their collection. All brands should revise again their packaging. Haha. It's just my 2 cent and I had 2 shots of caffeine today so yeah. 

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  1. I went to sephora semalam, tak jumpa pun yang ni, maybe dh sold out. huwaaaa. the price is so reasonable. Love Caramello & Chianti!

    1. Yeah it probably sold out. Sebab dekat KL ni pun dah sold out almost everywhere!

  2. I loved the shades. I also used JUMBO and Ying lip care its an awesome product


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