Beauty swatches/comparison : Stila Patina Liquid Lipstick vs Sephora #13 Marvelous Mauve | Jan 2016

1/05/2016 03:30:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and happy 2016 everyone!
This blog post will be my very first review for 2016 and I want it to be a little interesting than usual. 
So today we are going see the comparison between one of the best seller liquid lipsticks by Stila Cosmetics called Patina and Sephora matte lip cream in #13.

First of all, I'm all about nude and dusty rose life. They are my staple and you can almost tell that my lipstick drawer is pretty plain and boring. But that is how i like it.

I saw a lot of Youtubers raving about the Sephora matte lip cream and I always wanted to try one.
Most of the time Sephora only has the bright colors which I'm not a big fan of and one day I saw they have the #13 I grabbed 2 without even thinking. 

Unfortunately, I cannot find full-sized Stila's Patina liquid lipstick in the store anymore. I think they stop carry the color. Anyway, I got mine in my Eternally Yours holiday collection last month.

So is it true Sephora #13 is a dupe for Stila's Patina?
Let's find out together. 

In this picture I wear half Patina and half #13. Can you tell which one is which? Let's guess it together. I will reveal at the end of this post. 

This picture with flash on. I think here you can see the difference and contrast for both colors.
On my left side is more pink tone and neutral. Whilst, on my right side is more purple than pink. I would say it is true dusty rose color.

Because I have pale lips to begin with, it is easy for me to determine the color.As you can see both are definitely different colors and undertones but if you have more pigmented lips the differences probably would not be as obvious as mine. 

Overall, I can say that Sephora #13 is a close dupe for Stila's Patina but I didn't say I it's a good dupe. 
It is definitely depend on your lip pigmentation. As for me, they are totally look different on my lips.

From the left: Sephora #13 Marvelous Mauve and Stila's Patina

Both dry matte but for #13 I find it slightly sticky but not in a bad way. Just slightly. 
If you are interested to try you can find both in Sephora outlets. 
Thanks for reading and thank for your time. :)

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