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2/02/2016 06:42:00 PM

Assalamualaikum and hello people of internet!
I can't believe it is already February 2016! How time flies.
This year, I'm so determined to post my monthly favorite every month including skincare, beauty, tips and more. 
So, let's start shall we?

I know I have told you million times that my skin is oily combo but thanks to El Nino my skin or my entire face to be exact has never been so dry for the past month. Apparently, this girl needs some help from hydrating department.

1. MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ Coconut Scent (Limited Edition)
This fix+ I use to moisturise my face whenever I feel tight and dry. This one is definitely my staple whenever I feel lazy to dip my fingers into my moisturiser jar. I'm not so sure if this one is really infused with Coconut goodness in it but the scent is definitely help to soothe my skin. Unfortunately, the entire line of scent Fix+ is limited edition and you can not get it anymore from the store I don't think. But let's cross our fingers that the entire line will be permanent! 
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2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel
I have no words how much I enjoy using this product! This is by far the best moisturiser that I've tried so far. It's a gel texture perfect for combo skin. I makes my skin feels smooth and velvety. This is my second jar. I tried this after I saw itsjudyslife photoshoot with Neutrogena and her skin looks glowing and flawless. She said she only had this moisturiser on her face during the shoot and that is how I'm sold! 

3. B.Liv Deep Impact Cleanser Review Here
I reviewed this product on my previous post, and my opinion still the same. By far, the most comfortable deep cleanser I have ever tried. It is still on the top list because most of the deep cleansers that I've tried really make my dry area very dry and tight unlike this one. My dry area feels smooth and 'bouncy'. I only recommend you to use this twice a week because regular deep cleanse can suck up natural oil from your face.

4. VITA B 3000 Capsule
Shout out to anyone who has sensitive skin, irritation and redness on you face! This is the best cream ever. I bought it from Althea and it was the best decision ever. Vitamin B is definitely going to help soothe redness and irritation on your face. Although the tube super tiny, don't be fool. It is 30ml which is equivalent to a bottle of standard foundation. And I like it that it has a small hole to prevent air from contaminates the product inside. 
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5. Lucas Papaw Ointment
This was given by my fellow Youtube friend Ada when we're doing swap video and I really like this product to moisturise my lips. Lucas papaw is one of the traditional ointments from Australia that they use pretty much on everything including burns, cuts,insect bite and more. 
The interesting ingredient of this ointment is that it made from fermented papaya! It smells delish  and very moisturising too. If you are interested to try this I actually saw it in Guardian pharmacy at Sunway Pyramid. 

6. Sebum Out Finish Powder
The finish powder is almost as good as the Laura Mercier's one. Immediately after you apply you can see the pores are gone and your skin looks smooth and flawless. And the best part is the price won't burnt your pocket money.
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1. Kathleen Lights Miami Fever Liquid Lipstick

This is the most unique and beautiful liquid lipstick that I have ever had. I have nothing like this color at all it is a warm deep orange that will look amazing on different skin tones even on fair skin. I have medium skin tone and I really enjoy it. I'm not even kidding that I wore it when I went to jogging the other day. No shame in my game! If you follow me on my SnapChat of course you already knew. The formulation is very comfortable. It's nothing like ColourPop or Stila liquid lipsticks. It has mousse-y texture, extremely pigmented and it dries comfortably matte on your lips. Ok that's enough. I LOVED IT!

2. BECCA's Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop

Another "Youtube made me buy it' products. I got this highlighter around early of November last year and I can not stop wearing it. The reason why I didn't feature it in my Best Makeup of 2015 video is because it is extremely fragile. I'm afraid it will drop and shattered whenever I try to show it towards camera. Champagne Pop is absolutely gorgeous peachy gold highlight. The pigmentation is intense but you can definitely make it subtle for everyday look. I personally love wearing this highlight with Miami fever. They just complement each other so well. Definitely a worth splurge for a full-sized highlighter!
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3. Tarte Airbrush Foundation Brush (Limited Edition)

Last but certainly not least, I just found my new favorite foundation brush! This brush is part of the Stroke of Midnight brush set from Tarte 2015 Holiday Collection that I reviewed on my YouTube (watch here)  and it is actually available permanently! The bristles are so thick and big and makes my foundation application so fast. It is almost impossible to have brush strips on my face. 
 You can buy it from Sephora physical store, Sephora Malaysia's new website and do you know that Tarte Cosmetics website is now SHIPPING WORLDWIDE? Please spare some awesome products for me. Don't make everything sold out okay? 
Buy the product from Tarte Cosmetics.com |here|

Thank you so much for your time and I hope you enjoy reading my post. 
Would you mind to share your favorite products of January? 
Please leave in the comment section. 

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